ABOUT the CR914

The CR914 Remote Control Sailboat is a strict one design AMYA sanctioned 1:25 scale model based on the Americas Cup class yacht.

The kit comes with everything you need to build your boat. Some simple tools, sandpaper, paint and batteries are that is needed to build your CR-914. The CR914 has always been built from the same tooling so young or old all CR914’s are competitive.
The CR914 offers excellent sailing performance in a wide wind range with a single rig.
With quick acceleration and turning this boat will thrill and excite the expert as well as the novice.

The CR914 is Made in the USA, manufactured by Chesapeake Performance Models in Stevensville, MD

CR914 the Best RC Sailboat

By Ernest Freeland

Every CR-914 has always been a competitive remote control sailboat boat when built from the kit. Whether built by a first-time modeler or experienced modeler, the results have been the same. Follow the instructions, tune to the supplied tuning guide and your boat will be competitive. Boats that have turned up a little heavier have been competitive and won national championships.

So why is this?

 Some features that make the CR-914 Special.

  1. Design of the boat as an RC boat: The CR-914 was designed by Kazuo Takei from the start as a high-performance model sailboat that just happened to resemble the current America’s Cup Class. Takei built and tested a large number of slight design variations to optimize performance in a variety of conditions from light drifting to high winds. Wind ranges that other designs cannot or will not sail in.
  • Parts supply: There is no need to source parts from other suppliers to be competitive. Everything you need is supplied with the kit accept paint and sandpaper.
  • The CR-914 only allows a single rig and a single set of sails: The CR-914 is designed to be sailed in a wide range of wind conditions. Without the need to invest in multiple rigs to be competitive at the pond the overall cost of the boat is reduced. This also reduces the learning curve of how to set up the boat for different rigs. The skipper can focus on skippering and tactics rather than worrying if they have selected the right rig for the current conditions.
  • Class Longevity: The CR-914 has been produced, sailed, and raced since 1989 – 31 years! The longevity of the class is hard to beat because of the strict one-design philosophy and availability of parts. The US based production continues to ensure the longevity of the class.
  • Value: When investing in a CR-914 you don’t need to spend additional monies to be competitive. If you sell or purchase a used boat you know it will be competitive.
  • Performance: When it comes to sailing the 914 owners notice it often outperforms other classes that you may see. Design is one factor, but the quality of the kits is another important factor. An example is the use of lead for ballast vs chromium steel for example. This difference in stability is considerable and really apparent in heavier wind and wave conditions. Tacking performance is not compromised due to utilizing lead.
  • Balanced Rig: The rig is designed to not only perform in a wide range of conditions but to perform as you would expect. No weather vanning occurs and bow plunging in higher ranges is minimal if at all. Other designs address this issue with multiple rigs which increases cost of ownership.
  • Part Durability: The one piece blow molded hull is exceptionally durable. The 2020 National Champion winning boat was over 20 years old.