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Category SubjectColumnArticle TitleDescriptionIssue #Page #YearAuthors/Photographers
RacingResultsGreg Worth is 1996 National Champion1996 Nationals report11Nov-1996Chuck Winder
AdministrationClassClass NewsChuck Winder introduces himself and his plans for the class11Nov-1996Chuck Winder
autumnServosStronger Sail ServoIn strong winds…12Nov-1996Chuck Winder
Basic ScienceScale SpeedSailing a 58 Knot America's Cup BoatWhy a CR 914 seems so fast23Dec-1996Chuck Winder
RacingRacing in JapanRacing in JapanInfo regarding 914s in Japan27Dec-1996Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceMisc.Shroud Quick DisconnectsRequired to make your rig removable for transport and storage41Feb-1997Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceSaltwaterSurviving Saltwater SailingShowing how to handle salt water sailing44Feb-1997Rick Martin, Howie McMichael, Joe Burbeck
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery ManagementPreventing battery failures54Mar-Apr-97Chuck Winder
HumorHumorWas the Racing Good for you too?Husband's excuse, wife's rebuttal59Mar-Apr-97Anonymous
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsLarchmont Model Yacht ClubSpring Regatta recap62May-June-97Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesHow Long do You Want Batteries to Last?Scenarios for battery life64May-June-97Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesNiMH BatteriesCharging batteries64May-June-97Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingRigging Line TestsResults of tests of lines66May-June-97Chuck Winder
RacingCoach's CornerDon't "Pitch Pole"How to avoid pitch poling76July-Aug-97Chuck Winder
RacingRacing RulesA Simplified Version of the Racing Rules of SailingExplanation of the Rules77July-Aug-97Dave Perry
RacingResults2007 National Championships Results16 year old Kevin Dooley wins 97 Nationals, etc.81Sept-Oct-97Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionHull LeaksPrevent and repair hull leaks83Sept-Oct-97Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesNiMH BatteriesAll about NiMH batteries84Sept-Oct-97Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionDrain Holes and SpongesWays to prevent water in bilge85Sept-Oct-97Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBuilding and PaintingPaint for the CR 914Availability of paint for your boat85Sept-Oct-97Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingStanding RiggingPerformance vs standing rigging material86Sept-Oct-97Chuck Winder
Radio ControlTroubleshootingBringing Radio Receivers back to lifeHow to Article on reviving receivers93Nov-Dec 97Tony Johnson
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionDrain PlugPhoto of alternate drain plug95Nov-Dec 97Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingStanding RiggingRigging adjustments96Nov-Dec 97Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceMisc.Weed Control in Boating Ponds"How to" article97Nov-Dec 97Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery ManagementSupport for NiMH Batteries103Jan-Feb-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingJib Boom Fitting FailuresIdeas for fix of faulty Jib Boom tacks1010Jan-Feb-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingMasthead Fitting Repair"How to" article1019Jan-Feb-98Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesNiMH Battery LongevityAbout NiMH Batteries113Mar-Apr-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceSailsSail Area/Displacement RatioSail area and Performance114Mar-Apr-98Chuck Winder
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsCBMRASailing at Annapolis116Mar-Apr-98Chuck Winder
HumorHumorCRASH Explained"Collective Receiver Anomaly Syndrome Hyperbolae"118Mar-Apr-98Joe Fontenella
Boat MaintenanceSailsNew SailsHistory and Recommendations re Kit Sails119Mar-Apr-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBoat MaintenanceBoat MaintenanceVarious boat parts1110Mar-Apr-98Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesHigh Capacity Alkaline Battery TechnologyTesting of Batteries123May-June-98Chuck Winder
RacingStoriesTraveling with the CR914How to pack for traveling129Mar-Apr-98Rick Martin
RacingStoriesTraveling with the CR914How to pack for traveling129Mar-Apr-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceSailsSail Material Story RevisitedInfo on materials for sails1210Mar-Apr-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBuilding and PaintingCR914 Building TipsTips on assembling1210Mar-Apr-98Lee Mairs
Radio ControlBatteriesLow Cost Alkaline BatteriesComparing battery life and cost133Jul-Aug-98Chuck Winder
Class RulesBehaviorThe Worst Problem in Model Boat Racing Is…Beginning dialogue about protests138Jul-Aug-98Chuck Winder
RacingStories1998 CR 914 National ChampionshipsDescription of the 1998 Nationals141Sept-Oct-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceHistorySteve Cruse's Historic CR 914Story of the first CR 914 (sail # 23)147Sept-Oct-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceSaltwaterReliabilityPreventing saltwater in boat148Sept-Oct-98Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery ManagementComparing battery life and cost149Sept-Oct-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingBoom RingsRepair of Boom Rings1410Sept-Oct-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceSailsSunlight Damages SailsBeware of keeping boat in sunlit window1410Sept-Oct-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingRudder Ball JointsHow to fix disconnected ball joint1410Sept-Oct-98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceMisc.Support Your Local Hobby ShopHobby Shops are hurting 152Nov-Dec 98Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBuilding and PaintingPainting a CR 914Tips on paint, masking, etc.153Nov-Dec-98Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesBatteries Comparedregarding switching to rechargeable batteries154Nov-Dec-98Chuck Winder
RacingStoriesReport from JapanTells about racing in Japan157Nov-Dec-98Rick Martin
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionHull Leaks on DeckPreventing leaks158Nov-Dec-98Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery Connector CorrosionSolutions to corrosion1510Nov-Dec-98Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesBoat Battery SwitchesSolutions to switch corrosion1510Nov-Dec-98Chuck Winder
AdministrationClass HistoryCR 914 Class History1983-February 1999162Jan-Feb-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceSaltwaterReliability and SaltwaterHow to clean up from saltwater168Jan-Feb-99Howie McMichael
Radio ControlServosSail Servo StrengthStrong servo winches not necessary 169Jan-Feb-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesUltra Simple Charger SystemDescribes system for charger169Jan-Feb-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlAntennasThe BoatyardInternal AntennaPutting antenna below deck1610Jan-Feb-99Chuck Winder
RacingStoriesLarchmont Model YC 1999 Spring RegattaReport of the 1999 Spring Regatta171Mar-Apr-99Buttons Padin
Boat MaintenanceBow BumpersThe BoatyardBow BumpersEarly vintage bow bumpers, circa 1999174Mar-Apr-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlFrequenciesEthical Use of Radio FrequenciesIllegal use of 72 MHz frequency band175Mar-Apr-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceMisc.Glue ApplicatorsGood way to apply CA glue177Mar-Apr-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingRadio Range CheckChecking to be sure range is satisfactory for racing178Mar-Apr-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesJib Boom Tack Fitting Failurespreventing Jib boom failure178Mar-Apr-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery Voltage TestersUsing the Battery voltage testers179Mar-Apr-99Chuck Winder
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementStarting Model Sailboat RacesHow to win the start181May-June-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceSaltwaterHow to Use AeroplateAeroplate use186May-June-99Chuck Winder
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementRace Course MarksSeveral ideas for building marks188May-June-99Winder, et al
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardExternal Boat SwitchInstalling an external switch189May-June-99Chuck Winder
SailsTelltalesThe BoatyardTelltalesHow to make and use them189May-June-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBowsiesAdjusting BowsiesWays to adjust bowsies1810May-June-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlSwitchesExternal Boat SwitchesAbout magnetic switches196July-Aug-99Chuck Winder
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsThin Air MYCSteve Lang and building the club198July-Aug-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlServosThe BoatyardServo "Growl"Reassurance about "Growl"199July-Aug-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlGlitchingThe Boatyard"Glitching"Discusses interference causes for glitching199July-Aug-99Chuck Winder
RiggingRiggingThe BoatyardJib Topping LiftProblems and solutions for topping lift199July-Aug-99Chuck Winder
Class RulesInterpretationsRudder Sensitivitydiscusses rudder control rules and servos1910July-Aug-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesPanel GrommetsGrommets and speed1910July-Aug-99Chuck Winder
RacingRegatta reports/results1999 CR 914 NationalsAbout Larchmont regatta201Sept-Oct-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionWater Tight BoatSealing leaks/rudder rod207Sept-Oct-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBowsiesBroken BowsiesReplacing a weak bowsie207Sept-Oct-99Chuck Winder
AdministrationClass (+History)Advisory CommitteeThe formation of the AdCom; criteria for membership208Sept-Oct-99Chuck Winder
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsVirtual Model Sailboat Racing Yacht ClubStory of new Yacht Club in Bellevue, WA209Sept-Oct-99Jim Owens
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesThe BoatyardString Rings vs. Boom RingsProblems with boom rings2010Sept-Oct-99Steve Lang
RacingRace and Regatta Management"NOODLES" make good Race Course MarksUsing swim "noodles' as marks2010Sept-Oct-99Chuck Winder
PublicationsCR 914 NewsCR 914 Designer is Interviewed in JapanInterview with Kazuo Takei212Nov-Dec-99Rick Martin
Boat MaintenanceRiggingFouling of SheetsHow to prevent fouling sheets215Nov-Dec-99Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteries"Battery Checkers"Battery checkers may not be accurate216Nov-Dec-99Chuck Winder
Tactics and StrategyCoach's CornerRob's SecretPhilosophy of Winning219Nov-Dec-99Rob Follett
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesThe Boatyard"String Rings"On String Rings vs Boom Rings2110Nov-Dec-99Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceMisc.Performance versus Boat Weight at the 1999 NationalsChart comparing weights and results221Jan-Feb-00Chuck Winder
Tuning and PerformanceMisc.Boat Set-up for PerformanceTuning the boat222Jan-Feb-00Tim Mangus
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsSan Diego YCNews of San Diego Fleet223Jan-Feb-00Sandy Purdon
Radio ControlWaterproofing ElectronicsWaterproof ReceiverDirections for waterproofing224Jan-Feb-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingPrevent Jib Sheet FoulingDescription and Photo of preventing fouling225Jan-Feb-00Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesWhat is Your Battery Capacity?Ways to measure battery capacity; Accu-Cycle226Jan-Feb-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe Boatyard"Mast Sticks"One way to "plumb" your mast (see 49:10 for another approach)2210Jan-Feb-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardKnotsDescribing the double half-hitch2210Jan-Feb-00Chuck Winder
RacingRegatta reports/results2000 Larchmont MYC Spring RegattaReport of the Regatta231Mar-Apr-00Buttons Padin
Boat MaintenanceRiggingSquare Knot FailureDiscussion of Square Knot reliability238Mar-Apr-00Chuck Winder
PublicationsPublicitySmall-Scale Racers Have Large AmbitionsArticle excerpted from NY Times 4/23/02239Mar-Apr-00Herb McCormick
Class RulesinterpretationsVote Results on Two Class Rules ChangesVote Results241May-June-00Chuck Winder
Tactics and StrategyCoach's CornerOrbit Your BoatKeeping Boat under control when idling242May-June-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingA Performance IssueVertical position of center of gravity246May-June-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceMainsheet FoulingThe BoatyardPrevent Mainsheet Fouling At the split in The Fairlead Ring.How to prevent fouling sheets2410May-June-00Chuck Winder
Radio ControlServosThe BoatyardSmooth Sail Control on the TransmitterDescription of how to fix transmitter2410May-June-00Chuck Winder
PhotosGreat PhotosBroachingPhoto of two boats broaching251July-Aug-00Chuck Winder
Radio ControlChannelsChanging Channels in the Boat Made EasyPhoto showing the hatch with description of process253July-Aug-00Chuck Winder
PublicationsPhotographyBoatCamPhoto or camera mounted on boat255July-Aug-00Tim Byrnes
Radio ControlBatteryHydria "Ultra"tm NiMH Battery PacksDescribing various cell packs258July-Aug-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesThe BoatyardMain Outhaul ArrangementAlternate Main Outhaul Arrangement2510July-Aug-00Chuck Winder
Radio ControlServosThe BoatyardPulley on the Sail Servo ArmReplacing the pulley servo arm2510July-Aug-00Chuck Winder
RacingRegatta reports/results2000 Region 5 ChampionshipsTells about the weekend regatta261Sept-Oct-00Steve Lang
Radio ControlBatteriesCharging Five-Cell BatteriesInstruction on charging batteries266Sept-Oct-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBow BumpersBow Bumper UpdateSilicon rubber bow bumper 267Sept-Oct-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardRudder Arm FailuresCauses and fixes for rudder arm failure268Sept-Oct-00Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardNeedle ThreaderPhoto and description of using the threader268Sept-Oct-00Chuck Winder
RacingRegatta reports/results2000 NationalsAbout the Regatta271Nov-Dec-01Ernest Freeland
PublicationsPublicityYahoo CR 914 Clube-mail club for all the 914ers272Nov-Dec-01Ernest Freeland
Human InterestPublicityNew CR914 US DistributorIntroducing Dave Ramos, the new CR 914 distributor273Nov-Dec-01Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery Question and AnswersQuestions for new owners with answers2710Nov-Dec-01Chuck Winder
Class RulesSportsmanship and BehaviorAre We Having Fun Yet?Essay on sportsmanship2711Nov-Dec-01Chuck Winder
Basic ScienceBasic ScienceThe BoatyardHow CA Glue WorksScientific explanation of glue2712Nov-Dec-01Dick Martin
Radio ControlFrequenciesThe BoatyardSwapping Radio CrystalsCautions on swapping frequencies2712Nov-Dec-01Chuck Winder
RacingRegatta reports/resultsLarchmont Model Yacht Club 2001 Spring Invitational RegattaWrite-up of the regatta281Feb-Mar-01Buttons Padin
Boat MaintenanceMisc.CR 914 "Carry All"Commercially available cradle286Feb-Mar-01Chuck Winder
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsMid-Missouri Model Sailing ClubDescription of new club288Feb-Mar-01Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery Charger TypesInfo on chargers and risks2811Feb-Mar-01Chuck Winder
Radio ControlAntennasThe BoatyardEye Protection on Tx AntennaSoft balls on ends of antennas2812Feb-Mar-01Chuck Winder
Radio ControlServosThe BoatyardStronger Sail Servo?Explaining better Servos2812Feb-Mar-01Chuck Winder
Class RulesSportsmanship and BehaviorThoughts on Good Racingeight observations for good racing293Apr-May-01Hatch Brown
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery PrimerWhat's Legal for racing2913Apr-May-01Chuck Winder
Radio ControlGeneral ElectronicsThe BoatyardWater Proof The ElectronicsModel boating biggest problem..water2914Apr-May-01Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceCradle/boat standThe BoatyardAn Excellent Boat StandA folding camp table2914Apr-May-01John Whalen
RacingRegatta reports/resultsCR 914 Region 5 ChampionshipAbout Tulsa's regatta306July-Aug-01Terry Rainey
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingTrouble Shooting Radio SystemsSymptoms and Solutions307July-Aug-01Chuck Winder
RacingRegatta reports/results2001 CR 914 National ChampionshipWrite-up of the regatta311Sept-Oct-01Chuck Winder
RacingRiggingCraig Mackey on the 2001 NationalsTuning the boat316Sept-Oct-01Craig Mackey
AdministrationAMYAAMYA and the CR 914informing AMYA of boat ownership316Sept-Oct-01Ernest Freeland
Boat MaintenanceSails and GraphicsHow to do Sail GraphicsDescription of needs for sail graphics317Sept-Oct-01Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesA Simple Approach to Batteries for the CR 914Tells what to do and what to use3110Sept-Oct-01Chuck Winder
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementHeat Management Systemscoring systems326Nov-Dec-01Chuck Winder
Tactics and StrategyCoach's CornerTactical Race AdjustmentsChanging wind conditions and sails327Nov-Dec-01Chuck Winder
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsChaparral Pines YCNew of their new fleet328Nov-Dec-01Fred Moldenhauer
Boat MaintenanceBuilding and PaintingThe BoatyardBoat PaintWhat paints to use3210Nov-Dec-01Chuck Winder
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingThe BoatyardRudder ChatteringRepair of a chattering servo3210Nov-Dec-01Chuck Winder
Human InterestWinder RoastChuck RoastedChuck describes his roasting331Jan-Feb-02Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesBoat BatteriesWhat sizes are legal?334Jan-Feb-02Chuck Winder
Radio ControlServosSail Servos are Stronger using NiMH Batteries vs. AlkalinesTests prove the Title335Jan-Feb-02Chuck Winder
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementOdds and EvensScoring Systems336Jan-Feb-02Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesInterchangeable Boat BatteriesSharing Connectors337Jan-Feb-02Chuck Winder
SailsSails (and Graphics)Evolution of Sail Number AssignmentHow sail numbers will be assigned337Jan-Feb-02Chuck Winder
SailsRiggingThe BoatyardReefing the MainStrong winds and Reefing3310Jan-Feb-02Terry Rainey
Boat MaintenanceBuilding and PaintingThe BoatyardBoat PaintingLacquer and Enamel discussed3310Jan-Feb-02Tim Sullivan
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardSplice KnotPhoto and description of double Granny3310Jan-Feb-02Hatch Brown
RacingRegatta reports/results2002 Spring Invitational Regatta ReportLarchmont Spring Regatta description341Apr-July-02Buttons Padin
Radio ControlRadio InterferenceAvoid Radio ProblemsRecommendations for large regattas348Apr-July-02Chuck Winder
Radio ControlRadio InterferenceRadio Performance Test ProtocolHow to test for distance power349Apr-July-02Chuck Winder and Dick Martin
Radio ControlRadio InterferenceRadio Performance AssessmentDescribing different radio models3410Apr-July-02Chuck Winder
Radio ControlRadio InterferencePandora's Box was openedDescription of the 23 channel separation syndrome3411Apr-July-02Chuck Winder and Dick Martin
Radio ControlGeneral ElectronicsThe BoatyardRadio Scanner will Help Solve Radio ProblemsUse of scanners3412Apr-July-02Chuck Winder
Radio ControlGeneral ElectronicsThe BoatyardTwist Wires To Improve Boat Electronic PerformanceRecommend twisting all wires3412Apr-July-02Chuck Winder
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsLeeward MarkNewly formed Mid-Mo Model Sailing Club 351Aug-Nov-02Chuck Winder
RacingRegatta reports/resultsCR 914 2002 National Championship RegattaReport of the Regatta354Aug-Nov-02Buttons Padin
RacingStories2002 CR 914 Nationals ReportBecker's Account of prep and racing356Aug-Nov-02Geoff Becker
Radio ControlRadio InterferenceRadio Interference at the 2002 NationalsSuccess solving the 23 channel separation problem357Aug-Nov-02Chuck Winder
Tuning and PerformanceTuningCR 914 Tuning GuideDescribes tuning of all rigging358Aug-Nov-02Geoff Becker
Boat MaintenanceBreakage and PreventionThe BoatyardThree Lessons learnedLessons Learned about bow bumpers3510Aug-Nov-02Lull, Wendy
Radio ControlServosThe BoatyardLong Life Rudder ServoAbout new Hitec servo 3510Aug-Nov-02Doug McKerrow
RacingRegatta reports/resultsRegion 6 Championship RegattaWrite-up of the regatta364Dec-Jan-02-03Doug McKerrow
Boat MaintenanceMisc.boat weight at the NationalsPlotting the weights and results of the 2002 Nationals366Dec-Jan-02-03Buttons Padin
Radio ControlRadio Interferences/23 channel syndromeRadio Interference23 Channel Syndrome367Dec-Jan-02-03Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBreakage and PreventionRepairing AthenaHow Lull's boat was repaired368Dec-Jan-02-03Chuck Winder
Radio ControlServosRx Mounted on Servo BoardPicture and explanation 369Dec-Jan-02-03Dick Martin
Radio ControlGeneral ElectronicsThe BoatyardBEC ReceiversAbout use of BEC Receivers3610Dec-Jan-02-03Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardNon-kit Running Rigging Fittings are LegalPekabe and other brands3610Dec-Jan-02-03Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesThe BoatyardBattery Boxes are UnreliableWhy not to use battery boxes3610Dec-Jan-02-03Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardBlack anodized SparsPainting spars3610Dec-Jan-02-03Chuck Winder
PhotosGreat PhotosExcitement at the Spring RegattaPicture from Larchmont 7th Spring Regatta371Feb-Mar-03Chuck Winder
RacingStoriesSafety at SeaRescue of Freeland378Feb-Mar-03Chuck Winder
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementReliabilityHandling and cleaning boat after heavy weather378Feb-Mar-03Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteries"VoltWatch"A nearly useless gadget for 'monitoring' boat battery charge379Feb-Mar-03Dick Martin
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingThe BoatyardWaterproof the ReceiverDirections for waterproofing3710Feb-Mar-03Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionThe BoatyardImproved Main Hatch DesignHatch design and website address3710Feb-Mar-03Tom Schneeman
RacingRegatta reports/resultsRegion 4 Championship RegattaReport of the Regatta381Apr-May-03Dick Martin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsEdgewater, YCNew Fleet at Cleveland, OH Edgewater Yacht Club387Apr-May-03Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionAerotrend's AeroPlateAnother way to waterproof receivers387Apr-May-03David Goebel
RacingRacing RulesThe Racing Rules of SailingRule 14-Aboiding Contact388Apr-May-03Dick Martin
RacingRegatta reports/results2003 National ChampionshipReport of the Regatta391Jun-Nov-03Sandy Purdon
Tactics and StrategyCoach's CornerChampion Geoff Becker Reports on the NationalsGeoff's strategies for winning393Jun-Nov-03Geoff Becker
RacingRegatta reports/resultsUS Sailing championship of Committees RegattaPhotos and description of the regatta396Jun-Nov-03Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery Pack ReliabilityProblem and "fix' described3910Jun-Nov-03Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionDrain Plug TetherPhoto and directions for tether3910Jun-Nov-03David Smith
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementPromoting your RegattaHow to Hype your regatta401Dec-Mar-04Dick Martin
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingSuccessful Radio TroubleshootingSwitching servos and transmitters407Dec-Mar-04Chuck Winder
Radio ControlKit RadiosCR 914 Kit Radios Do the JobAbout Kit Radios407Dec-Mar-04Chuck Winder
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingConverting Model Airplane RadiosAvailability of Model Airplane Radios408Dec-Mar-04Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionThe BoatyardLeak-Resistant Hatch CoverPhotos, instructions and plans for modified hatch cover409Dec-Mar-04Dick Martin
RacingRegatta reports/resultsLarchmont Model Yacht Club's 8th Spring InvitationalReview of the regatta with photos411Apr-June-04Buttons Padin
Radio ControlChannelsCrystals are Not Created EqualHitec Equipment Important417Apr-June-04Dave Collings
RacingRegatta reports/results2004 Region 1 Championship Regatta ReportRegatta Report418Apr-June-04Chuck Winder
Radio ControlAntennasAntenna on Mast Doesn't WorkDiscusses fixes 419Apr-June-04Steve Uhl
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingTransmitter FixWD 40 Fix419Apr-June-04Chuck Winder
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingAnother Cause of InterferenceAbout radios and interference419Apr-June-04Dave Collings
HumorOtherA Treatise on the Importance of SmokeSmoke is what makes electrical circuits work!4110Apr-June-04Joseph Lucas
Radio ControlRadio Interference/23 channel syndrome23-Channel ConundrumExplanation of 23 channel separation syndrome4110Apr-June-04Chuck Winder
RacingRegatta reports/resultsMidwest CR Racing Circuit Spring RegattaWrite-up of the regatta421July-Aug-04Dick Martin
AdministrationClass (+History)New Class SecretaryIntroducing new class secretary422July-Aug-04Chuck Winder
Human InterestClass (+History)A Family AffairBiographic sketch of the new class secretary, Dick Martin423July-Aug-04Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceRiggingReefing SailsThe Tulsa reefing system (slick, but illegal for regattas)427July-Aug-04Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesMixing BatteriesAnswering questions posed by owner428July-Aug-04Chuck Winder
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementWhy Attend the Nationals?Encouraging attendance432Sept. 2004Scott Rowland
PublicationsCR914 NEWS and CRoniclePlans for the class newsletterEncouraging people to send articles433Sept. 2004Dick Martin
Tuning and PerformanceRacingTuning the Nut...Keep 'em Moving Down ThereImplications of high-aspect-ratio fins438Sept. 2004Dick Martin
Tuning and PerformanceSetupCR 914 Initial Setup and Tuning GuideDescribes tuning of all rigging4311Sept. 2004Dick Martin
RacingRegatta reports/resultsSuper Mini America's Cub RegattaReport of Japanese Regatta441Autumn 2004Rick Martin
RacingRegatta reports/resultsCincinnati MCRRC RegattaReport of Regatta443Autumn 2004Pablo Godel
Radio ControlGeneral ElectronicsCR 914 Engineer...What is the Best Arrangement of boat electronic componentsTesting ranges, etc445Autumn 2004Chuck Winder
PublicationsPublicitySmall Boats Mean Fun and a dream CareerReprint of Capital-Gazette article about Dave Ramos447Autumn 2004Julia Hockenberry
HumorHumorFollow in My WakeBarometer SoupRecipe for "Frostbite Fuel" mulled wine447Autumn 2004Dick Martin and Carole Martin
RacingRacing and Regatta ManagementShoreline Model Yacht ClubStarting a new club447Autumn 2004Jim Scudder
Tactics and StrategyUpwind RacingTuning the Nut...Windshift GeometryUnderstanding windshifts448Autumn 2004Dick Martin
Humor (and Photo)News ReportNew Stealth Technology?Sighting of a sail-powered submarine449Autumn 2004Associated Press'
Radio ControlTrouble ShootingBuilder's ColumnRadio ProblemsDiagnosis and Trouble Shooting4410Autumn 2004Dave Ramos
AdministrationClassHow do I join the CR 914 Class?How to join and why to subscribe to the Cronicle4411Autumn 2004Dick Martin
RacingRegatta reports/results2004 National championshipReport of the Regatta451Winter 2005Ernest Freeland
Tactics and StrategyBoat HandlingCoach's CornerSailing an RC boat with "Feel"How to sail effectively 457Winter 2005Geoff Becker
Boat MaintenanceBow BumperThe BoatyardBow Bumper BrainstormAn early effort to get rubber bumpers to adhere well458Winter 2005Dick Martin
HumorFollow in My WakeFollow in My WakePortable SoupDescription of Lewis and Clark's soup459Winter 2005Dick Martin
Tactics and StrategyRacingTuning the Nut...The Law of the LaylineLaylines and shifty winds4510Winter 2005Dick Martin
RacingRegatta reports/resultsThanksgiving Hangover RegattaEdgewater Yacht Club, Cleveland Regatta4512Winter 2005Bob Rosenbaum
HumorOtherThe Float of the PhoenixRescue of Olsson's boat4512Winter 2005Buttons Padin
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementTaking the Plunge: Your First RegattaPlanning your first regatta article464Spring, 2005Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceRiggingBuilder's ColumnPreparing your Boat for a RegattaTells how to prepare465Spring, 2005Dave Ramos
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementGetting Your Boat to the RegattaHow to pack boat for travel467Spring, 2005Ernest Freeland
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementThe San Diego CR 914 Shipping ContainerPhotos and description of the packing crate468Spring, 2005Jean Malthaner
PublicationsPublicityThe CR 914 NEWS becomes the CRonicleNo longer a newsletter (website will report stuff while it's still news)469Spring, 2005Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardHow to Retrofit a Removable RigInstructions and photos (includes report about Norman Lures Speed Clips)4610Spring, 2005Dick Martin
PublicationsWebsiteThe CR 914 Goes Online!Describes the process and content of the new class website4611Spring, 2005Dick Martin and Pablo Godel
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementCR 914 Engineer...Race Preparation: How to prevent troubles before they occurRadio, sheets, etc preparation4612Spring, 2005Chuck Winder
RacingTactics and StrategyCoach's CornerAvoiding TrafficRecommendation for avoiding trouble4613Spring, 2005Geoff Becker
Class RulesSportsmanship and BehaviorWinning-and how You Play the GameQuotes from the famous on sportsmanship4614Spring, 2005Dick Martin
Class RulesSportsmanship and BehaviorWinning-and how You Play the GameSail boat racing is a game we play4614Spring, 2005Dick Martin
RacingSimulated racingFollow in my WakeThe CR 914 Virtual Regatta CircuitComputerized racing using Virtual Skipper 34614Spring, 2005Dave Yardy
AMYAAMYAWinds of Change are Blowing at AMYANew faces at AMYA4615Spring, 2005Dick Martin
AdministrationAMYAWho's Biggest, Baddest, Best?Misinformation about the CR914471Summer, 2005Dick Martin
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementTeam Racing…have you tried it?Information on team racing474Summer, 2005Graham Elliott
Tactics and StrategyRacingTuning the Nut...A Potpourri of Pond PearlsLight air techniques476Summer, 2005Dick Martin
PublicationsWebsiteClass website updateTelling about the website477Summer, 2005Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesCR 914 Engineer...Quick answers to some owners' questionsanswers to the questions478Summer, 2005Chuck Winder
Tactics and StrategyRacing RulesCoach's CornerThe Crosswalk RuleStaying out of trouble at crossings479Summer, 2005Geoff Becker
HumorBoat namesFollow in My WakeCalling NamesWhy every boat should have a name4710Summer, 2005Dick Martin
RacingRegatta reports/resultsLarchmont Model Yacht ClubSpring Regatta recap4712Summer, 2005Buttons Padin
RacingRegatta reports/resultsMarblehead Region 1 RegattaRecap of the regatta4714Summer, 2005Chuck Winder
Human InterestStoriesAmerica's Cup Hall of Fame914er Jack Sutphen receives high honor4718Summer, 2005Dick Martin
RacingRegatta reports/results2005 CR 914 National Championship ReportReport of the Nationals at Redd's Pond481Autumn 2005Chuck Winder
Tactics and StrategyDownwind sailingMyth: Downwind Sailing is a Time to RelaxLessons in sailing downwind488Autumn 2005David Ryan
Human InterestLoss of a 914erIn Memoriam: Bob Martin, 1960-2005About Bob Martin4811Autumn 2005Dick Martin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsLaguna Lake Model Yacht ClubDescription of new club4812Autumn 2005Paul Genshaw
Clubs and FleetsFleet Reports914s in SwedenRacing in Sweden4812Autumn 2005Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceRiggingA gizmo that WorksSears' "Grip Tip" measuring tape (for checking mast rake)4813Autumn 2005David Graves
RacingFleet Reports2005 Region 4 Championship RegattaReport of the regatta in Westchester, Ohio491Winter 2006Pablo Godel
RacingRegatta reports/resultsInner Harbor Model Yacht ClubDescription of the Regatta492Winter 2006Tyler Cagwin
Tactics and StrategyRacing RulesTuning the Nut...Tacker BewareTacking too Close496Winter 2006Dick Martin
Radio ControlTransmitter failureCR 914 Engineer...Simple Radio FixesPhotos and description of 'fix'498Winter 2006Dick Martin
Tuning and PerformanceSetupThe BoatyardHow Straight is Straight?Use a laser level to "plumb" your mast (side to side)4910Winter 2006Chuck Luscomb
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesThe BoatyardAlternate boom rings for the CR 914How to use buy and use rubber grommets4911Winter 2006Don Boyko
Tactics and StrategyRacingCoach's CornerStarting NarrativeAbout starting the race4912Winter 2006Geoff Becker
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementLarchmont Model Yacht Club celebrates its tenth anniversary with a Top-ten list10 pointers for having a good club4913Winter 2006Buttons Padin
PhotosGreat Photos2003 Spring Invitational RegattaPhoto and report of the regatta371Feb-Mar-2003Buttons Padin
AdministrationClass HistoryThe CR 914 Has Been important to MeWinder's story of his love affair with the CR 914 class501Spring 2006Chuck Winder
RacingStories and Regatta ReportsMidwinter Regatta report: The Perfect SquallAbout the regatta, storm, and Brian Jobson's "Buddy System"504Spring 2006Dick Martin
Tactics and StrategyRacingTuning the Nut...When in doubt, Let it OutAvoid over trimming507Spring 2006Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceReliabilityDon't be a DropoutBoat preparation508Spring 2006Chuck Luscomb
Boat MaintenanceReprint of a classicSquare Knot FailureHow to keep knots from slipping5010Spring 2006Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceReliabilityKnot Failures RevisitedNew techniques and knots5011Spring 2006David Graves
HumorHumorFollow in My WakeCalling Names: Installment IIMore on naming boats5012Spring 2006Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpread spectrumIs it Time to get Hopping?Spread spectrum radios are here5013Spring 2006Martin Dick and Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesThe BoatyardAnother outhaul approachAnother alternative to boom sliders5014Spring 2006Dave Clinnin
Tactics and StrategyRacingCoach's CornerThe Oh, NO! LightAvoiding trouble5014Spring 2006Geoff Becker
Class RulesInterpretationsClass Rule Interpretations updateThe latest class rule interpretations5015Spring 2006Dick Martin
PublicationsYahoo GroupThe Yahoo CR 914 GroupEncouragement to participate in CR 914 discussion group5015Spring 2006Dick Martin
Tuning and PerformanceSetupPearls of Wisdom from Dave RamosTuning for various winds, and other tips from the top511Summer 2006Buttons Padin
AdministrationClassLetters to EditorHelpful FolksKudos for 914 sailors513Summer 2006Phil Adams
Tuning and PerformanceSetupAn Improved Way to Adjust Lower Shrouds: Tie One onHow to "Purchase" better tuning514Summer 2006Chuck Luscomb
PhotosGreat PhotosPushing the EnvelopeA wild run in Cincinnati515Summer 2006Pablo Godel
Boat MaintenanceBreakage and PreventionSurvival of the Fittest at LarchmontCauses of non-finishes516Summer 2006Chuck Winder
Radio ControlWaterproofing ElectronicsA Raincoat for your TransmitterMake a permanent "raincoat" for your transmitter516Summer 2006Dick Martin
MiscStoriesSoliloquyAbout Vince's years of sailing and switch to RC517Summer 2006Peritore, Vince
PublicationsYahoo GroupTuning Tips: Coping with Strong Winds and Weather HelmA helpful discussion on Yahoo group518Summer 2006Various authors
RacingRacing RulesNew RC Racing Rules ResourcesSources for racing rules519Summer 2006Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesA Real Creepy MysterySolution to the Case of the Creeping Servos5110Summer 2006Dick Martin and Jake McGill
Tactics and StrategyRacingTuning the Nut...Tuning the Nut on the End of the JoysticksTactical vs. Seamanlike roundings, with photo and diagrams5112Summer 2006Dick Martin
PhotosGreat photosVolvo Ocean Race914s racing in Baltimore's Inner Harbor5113Summer 2006Chuck Luscomb
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6Early Experience with the Spektrum DX6 RadioAbout range, transmitter , etc.5114Summer 2006Chuck Winder and Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrum, BatteriesBattery Packs for the DX6Ordering and using the packs5115Summer 2006Chuck Winder
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6 RadioBefore you program your new DX6Find and read Chuck's article in Model Yachting, Issue 142.5115Summer 2006Dick Martin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetA stroll down Fleet StreetNew format for fleets to 'show and tell'521Autumn 2006Dick Martin
HumorClubs and FleetsFleet StreetAlgae? We Laugh at AlgaeCleaning up the weeds at Blue Crab521Autumn 2006Van den Beemt, Nils
MiscPhilosophyWhy Race Sailboats?The Title says it all527Autumn 2006Dick Martin
PublicationsSaltwater PrecautionsLetters to EditorSaltwater PrecautionsAlways rinse out the boat after saltwater exposure527Autumn 2006Chuck Winder
RacingGetting startedStarting to RaceGuidance on starting to race527Autumn 2006John Burnham
Radio ControlBatteriesBasic ScienceRechargeable Batteries 101Understanding rechargeable batteries528Autumn 2006Dick Martin
PhotosGreat Photos2006 AMYA Region 4 Championship RegattaPicture of racing529Autumn 2006Dave Yardy
Radio ControlBatteriesCR 914 Engineer...Converting to Rechargeable BatteriesAll about battery packs, etc.5210Autumn 2006Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesCR 914 Engineer...Battery Maintenance ChargeAbout "trickle" charge5210Autumn 2006Chuck Winder
PublicationsWebsiteWebsite Members Area UpdateAbout changes to the website5211Autumn 2006Dick Martin and Pablo Godel
Radio ControlSpektrumSpektrum DX6 UpdateWaterproofing, fractures, etc.5212Autumn 2006Dick Martin
RacingStoriesWinning the NationalsLuscomb tells about his experiences at 2007 Nationals531Winter, 2007Chuck Luscomb
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementThe Winter Planning SeasonHow to plan for the sailing season535Winter 2007Ernest Freeland
914 EngineerBatteries and additional subject. General electronics and solderingCR 914 Engineer...How to Make Your Own Battery PackPhoto and directions536Winter 2007Chuck Winder
Radio ControlSpektrumRadioActivitySpektrum DX6 'dropouts'Spektrum issues in San Diego537Winter 2007Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesThe Great Boom Sliders DebatePros and cons of 4 different approaches to boom sliders538Winter, 2007Dick Martin, Chuck Winder, Dave Clinnin, Don Boyko
Boat MaintenanceSailsThe BoatyardJib luff tension adjustment: a better wayDirections for tension adjustment with pictures (see also 54:7)5311Winter, 2007Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceCA GlueBasic ScienceCyanoacrylic GlueChemistry of CA glue5312Winter, 2007Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceBuilding and PaintingBuilding a CR 914: It's all in the detailsHow a big-boat pro built his CR 9145313Winter, 2007Mark Benedict
HumorHumorFollow in My WakeStainlesssteelsmanshipThe placebo effect at sea5315Winter, 2007Dick Martin
AdministrationClassSail Numbers top 1400 MarkList of owners and numbers5316Winter, 2007Dick Martin
PhotosGreat PhotosNippon ChallengeRick Martin's 914 planing to victory in Japanese Nationals5318Winter, 2007A Hiblya
RacingStoriesThe 2006 Nationals from a Rookies ViewpointEncouraging story about racing541Spring 2007Phil Adams
RacingStoriesGetting There is Half the FunThe perils of flying with a CR 914545Spring 2007Chuck Luscomb
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardControlling jib leech tension on a CR 914Photos and instructions for innovative approaches546Spring 2007Geoff Becker
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardCorrection Jib luff tension adjustment article (53:11) correction547Spring 2007Dick Martin
Racing Rules of SailingRacing RulesSimplifying the racing rulesAssisting new sailors on rules547Spring 2007Dick Martin
Racing Rules of SailingRacing RulesPocket Rules of Model Sailboat Racing10 rules from Marblehead MYC547Spring 2007Chuck Winder
Racing Rules of SailingRacing RulesM3SC Simplified Racing RulesOne fleet's approach for beginning racers548Spring 2007Dick Martin
RacingCommunicationYou Talk Too Much?Communicating on the race course5410Spring 2007Ernest Freeland
Radio ControlSpektrum, BatteriesRadioActivitySpektrum updates, Low self-discharge NiMHs Stuff5410Spring 2007David Graves, Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesLow self-discharge NiMHPros and cons of NiMH batteries5410Spring 2007Dick Martin
Tactics and StrategyRacing BasicsTuning the Nut...Start Really SimpleThe KISS principle for beginning racers5411Spring 2007Dick Martin
RacingGetting startedThe Learning Curve of CR 1196Part I of Author's story of starting to race5414Spring 2007David Graves
AdministrationClassThe State of the ClassDescription of the class strengths and weaknesses551Summer 2007Dick Martin
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementRacing MarksDescribes the Dry Pants 'String of Marks" system554Summer 2007Brian Jobson
Tactics and StrategyRacingTuning the Nut...The Right StuffReasons to 'go right, young man, go right' on the first windward leg555Summer 2007Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceBreakage and PreventionQuick Fixes at the racesVarious parts and fixes556Summer 2007Chuck Winder
MiscVisionOh Say Can You See?Ways to see better on the race course557Summer 2007Martin, et al
Boat MaintenanceBreakage and PreventionAn eye for an eyeChuck Winder's 'Hooks and Eye" prevents masthead eye failures558Summer 2007Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6 RadioRadioActivitySolutions to problems with the Spektrum DX6 radio system Photos and ideas for helping5510Summer 2007Jean Malthaner
Human InterestCR 914 Sailor914er ForumFameTucker Thompson stars in 2007 America's Cup Telecasts5511Summer 2007Dick Martin
PublicationsPhotographyPhotographsAbout the photos in the CRonicle and on the class website5511Summer 2007Dick Martin
AdministrationClass The CR 914 Class Advisory committeeAbout the Advisory Committee and bios of Malthaner and Luscomb5512Summer 2007Dick Martin
HumorHistoryAdam and EveHow Adam got Eve5513Summer 2007Anonymous
RacingGetting startedThe Learning Curve of CR 1196 Part IIPart II of author's story of starting to race5514Summer 2007David Graves
AdministrationClassThe CR 914 CupAll about the 'new mug,' the Nationals perpetual trophy561Autumn 2007Dick Martin, Jean Malthaner, Dick Huntington
RacingRace Management914er ForumIdeas to increase participationSuggestions to increase regatta participation562Autumn 2007Tucker Thompson
RacingTravel and ShippingCR 914 travel/shipping boxPicture and how to order shipping box563Autumn 2007Dick Martin
Tactics and StrategyRacingTuning the Nut...The Favored End FallacyIn shifty winds, things aren't always how they seem564Autumn 2007Dick Martin
HumorHumorFollow in my WakeBang for the BuckComparing costs of racing ACC boats and CR 914s565Autumn 2007Dick Martin
PhotosGreat PhotosWho has right of wayGreat shot of boats approaching start566Autumn 2007Elaine Huntington
Human InterestStoriesFleet StreetIt's About More than RacingWonderful picture and story of sailing at Boone Landing Retirement 567Autumn 2007Tom Trabue
Radio ControlServosThe BoatyardThe Malthaner Servo BoardHigh-torque servo information568Autumn 2007Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceBow BumperThe BoatyardBow bumper adhesion - the 'final word'Gorilla Glue is the ultimate solution569Autumn 2007Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardKeel fin cracksChecking and fixing keel fin cracks5610Autumn 2007Chuck Winder
Boat MaintenanceRiggingThe BoatyardPedestal prophylaxisAbout bracing the steering pedestal 5610Autumn 2007Dick Martin
PhotosGreat PhotosWe have liftoffPhoto of Mariah jumping onto a plane5611Autumn 2007Carole Martin
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6 radioRadioActivitySpektrum DX6 Charger polarityAn easy fix for the 'reversed' polarity of DX6 charger jack5611Autumn 2007Brian Jobson
Radio ControlSpread spectrum radiosRadioActivityMore 2.4 GHz radiosNew 6EX radio from Futaba5612Autumn 2007Chuck Winder
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6 radioRadioActivityIncreasing Spektrum DX6 runtimeRun time of radio control systems5612Autumn 2007Dave Ramos
Radio ControlDX6 ReceiverRadioActivitySpektrum receiver antenna orientationA cute way to orient receiver antennas5612Autumn 2007Chuck Winder
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6 radioRadioActivitySpektrum transmitter antenna fracturesFractures and how to fix and prevent5613Autumn 2007Dick Martin
AdministrationClassClass logosAn new class logo5614Autumn 2007Dick Martin
Tuning and PerformanceRiggingBowsie helperpicture and description of how to5615Autumn 2007Don Eyler
HumorHistoryAdam and Eve - A repriseAdam is sent off to meet his woman5615Autumn 2007Anonymous
PhotosGreat PhotosAntifreeze for the soulGreat picture of snow and good warm advice571Winter 2008Dick Martin, Carole Martin
RacingStoriesThree Years to the NationalsThe Voyage of CR 914s 1209, 1222 and 1223571Winter 2008Lee Cagwin
RacingRace reports/resultsMemories from the 2007 NationalsA very brief recap, with lots of great pixs574Winter 2008Mark Benedict
AdministrationClass, PhotosThe CR 914 Cup and friendThe CR 914 Cup and the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup at SDYC579Winter 2008Dick Huntington
Boat MaintenanceCradle/boat standThe BoatyardBuild a Custom Cradle for your CR 914Photos, plans and building instructions5710Winter 2008Mark Benedict
Radio ControlGeneral electronicsThe BoatyardQuick Fix for Broken WiresThe "CA lineman splice"5712Winter 2008David Graves
914 EngineerSpektrumCR 914 Engineer...Some Thoughts about Spektrum Antennas and the 'Dropout' ProblemAbout wave lengths, wave reflection, etc5713Winter 2008Chuck Winder
Radio ControlSpektrumRadioActivityHow to use more than one Spektrum receiverYou can "bind" your DX6 Tx to several Rx's and control several boats5714Winter 2008Brian Jobson
Radio ControlWaterproofing ElectronicsRadioActivityRaincoatsPictures and directions for a raincoat for your radio5714Winter 2008Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrumRadioActivitySpektrum Neck Strap AdaptorDescription of adaptor and how to order5715Winter 2008Dick Martin
PhotosGreat PhotosSparkling SeaGorgeous picture of starry water and boat5715Winter 2008Dick Martin
Cover PhotoGreat PhotosHeavy weather at the 2006 Nationals581Spring 2008Jerry Gibbs
HumorRacing TalesThat's RacingMany reasons for racing mishaps585Spring 2008Phil Adams
AMYARace ManagementPond Owner Liability InsuranceHow to obtain AMYA pond insurance585Spring 2008Dick Martin
RacingRace ManagementRC Rescue VesselPictures and description of RC rescue boat586Spring 2008Jean Malthaner
AdministrationAMYAAMYA Membership"Freeloading" off AMYA587Spring 2008Frank Angel
Boat MaintenanceBreakage and PreventionThe BoatyardGooseneck TroubleHow to avoid breakage by allowing boom to rotate around gooseneck588Spring 2008Chuck Luscomb
Boat MaintenanceBoom rings and alternatesThe BoatyardAnother Alternative to Boom SlidersYet another clever way to replace boom sliders588Spring 2008Mark Benedict
AdministrationAMYAWho's Counting-CR 914s and AMYACR 914ers and AMYA membership5810Spring 2008Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesRadioActivityA Case for Alkaline BatteriesA clever alkaline battery strategy5811Spring 2008Rick Martin
PhotosGreat Photos25 Years of Cup RacersPicture and brief history of design of CR 9145811Spring 2008Rick Martin
RacingRace ManagementDeveloping a country pond for CR 914 sailingPart 1 of a 3 part series5812Spring 2008Dan Butterfield
Clubs and FleetsFleet reportsHow to Build a Club YourselfDirections to get started5812Spring 2008Chuck Winder
RacingBoat Speed, WaxingBasic ScienceTo Wax or not to Wax: An Engineering Perspective Part IPart 1 of a 2 part series5813Spring 2008Christopher VanEpps
AdministrationAMYAEditorial: Three good reasons to join AMYA nowAnother discussion of our relationship with AMYA5814Spring 2008Dick Martin
HumorHumorFollow in My WakeSailing, NASCAR and MENSAIncludes the "Mississippi Mystery" quiz. Do you qualify for MENSA?5815Spring 2008Dick Martin
Cover PhotoGreat photos2005 Nationals start591Summer 2008Chuck Winder
Radio ControlBatteriesThe Great Battery DebatePros and cons of NiMHs vs. alkalines593Summer 2008Dick Martin and Rick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesNiMH self-dischargeGraphic display of NiMH self-discharge594Summer 2008Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesBattery BugA cheap battery discharger can 'measure' battery capacity595Summer 2008Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesLithium BatteriesLithium batteries ruled illegal596Summer 2008Chuck Winder
PhotosGreat photosFleet StreetReflectionsGroup of boats with beautiful water reflections597Summer 2008Elaine Huntington
Boat MaintenanceBreakage and PreventionThe BoatyardDumb Thumb SurvivalHow to reinforce the jib boom eyelet598Summer 2008Phil Adams
Boat MaintenanceLeaks and PreventionThe BoatyardHoley Hydraulics!How to reduce leakage around the common sheet exit hole598Summer 2008Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrumRadioActivitySpektrum DX6 transmitter battery connectorsPictures; where to purchase connectors599Summer 2008Dick Martin
RacingRace ManagementDeveloping a country pond for CR 914 sailingPart 25910Summer 2008Dan Butterfield
RacingBoat Speed, WaxingBasic ScienceTo Wax of Not to Wax: An Engineering Perspective: Part 2Part 25912Summer 2008Christopher VanEpps
AdministrationAMYAAMYA UpdateYet more discussion of our relationship with AMYA5913Summer 2008Dick Martin
PhotosGreat PhotosWakesBacklit picture 5915Summer 2008Dick Martin
Cover PhotoGreat photosSoggy sailors at the 2008 Nationals601Autumn 2008Elaine Huntington
RacingRegatta Reports2008 Nationals ReportA wet but well-run and fun regatta in Marblehead602Autumn 2008Chuck Winder
AdministrationClass ForumThe 'first annual' CR 914 Class Forum Report about a discussion of AMYA, class growth, and leadership605Autumn 2008Dick Martin
RacingStoriesReflections on Redd's PondFour 914ers from San Diego describe their Marblehead experiences606Autumn 2008Huntington, Malthaner, Luther, Stadel
RacingRegatta ReportThe 2009 CR 914 NationalsHype for the 2009 Nationals in San Diego607Autumn 2008Dick Huntington and Jean Malthaner
Radio ControlSpektrumRadioActivityLessons from a Rainy DayDX6 transmitter malfunction caused by sailing in the rain608Autumn 2008Dick Martin
Misc.LetterLetters to EditorSailing submergedFutaba 2.4 GHz receiver more water resistant?609Autumn 2008Butch Alline
Misc.LetterLetters to EditorAlkaline battery performanceRayovac evaluation contradicts Consumers Reports609Autumn 2008Chuck Winder
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetLake Lanier Sailing ClubA drought can be good6010Autumn 2008Estes, Chuck
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetSan Diego YC Model Yacht FleetSummer regatta at Mission Bay Pond6010Autumn 2008Dick Huntington
RacingRace ManagementDeveloping a country pond for CR 914 sailingPart 36011Autumn 2008Dan Butterfield
AdministrationClassOne-Design Fleet BuildingHow to stimulate fleet and class growth, by an authority6012Autumn 2008John Burnham
HumorHumorFollow in my WakeBow Bumper Committee ReportInnovative designs (ca. 1999)6014Autumn 2008Chuck Winder
Cover PhotoGreat photosClose-up of Mark Benedict's War Baby611Winter 2009Jill Poindexter
SailingBoat HandlingLearning CurveThe Learning Curve, Part 1 - "Just Sailing"Hulls, helm and helming; keel lift and implications of narrow fins612Winter 2009Dick Martin
RacingRace ManagementRace Course ManagementHow the Dry Pants Fleet sets up it courses615Winter 2009Mark Benedict
Racing Rules of Sailing2009-2012 rules changesNew Racing RulesSummary of important changes that take effect in 2009617Winter 2009Dick Martin
RacingCoaching ProgramThe Dry Pants Coaching ProgramHow DPMYC coaches is less experienced members618Winter 2009Brian Jobson
AdministrationClass financesNo Bailout RequiredThe class remains in good financial condition619Winter 2009Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6i receiversRadioActivityMounting Dual Receivers for the Spektrum DX6iAn innovative way to mount twin AR6200 receivers6110Winter 2009Jean Malthaner
Radio ControlBattery testingRadioActivityA Practical Way to Check Batteries in the FieldUsing the "loaded" Hobbico Mk III voltmeter to check boat batteries6111Winter 2009Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesRadioActivityNiMH battery failuresPremature failures of high capacity (2,700+) NiMH batteries6111Winter 2009Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6i and DX5RadioActivityFour-cell TransmittersThe DX6i and DX5 require only four AA batteries. Big advantage6111Winter 2009Chuck Winder
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetLaguna Lakes MYCLLMYC fleet report, and three ways to fix rudder control rod leak6112Winter 2009Phil Adams
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetShoreline MYC2008 season results and photos of SMYC6113Winter 2009Dick Martin
RacingSimulated racingFollow in My WakeAround the World in Nine MonthsThe Volvo Ocean Race computer game6114Winter 2009Chuck Luscomb
Misc.LetterLetters to EditorOn the Hard in SeattleA quadriplegic controls a CR 914 with one joystick6115Winter 2009Grace Blanchard
Misc.LetterLetters to EditorSail number 1511The importance of fives and ones6115Winter 2009Tom Barrett
Boat MaintenanceStorage cradleBoat Storage Cradle ideaA clever way to store hull and keel when space is very limited6115Winter 2009Butch Alline
Cover PhotoGreat photosView from the helmA still frame from Julian Croxall's remarkable on-board video621, 2Spring, 2009Julian Croxall
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementTake the PlungeEntering your first regatta623Spring, 2009Dick Martin
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementHosting That First RegattaDo's and don'ts for clubs planning to host their first regattas625Spring, 2009Dick Martin
AdministrationClass (+History)TransitionIntroducing the next class secretary, Rick Martin627Spring, 2009Dick Martin
Misc.LetterLetters to EditorView from the helm videoIs RC racing really this violent?628Spring, 2009Robert Suydam
Misc.LetterLetters to EditorThe Learning Curve seriesIdeas for future installments628Spring, 2009Jim Godsman
Misc.LetterLetters to Editor2009 Strictly Sail ChicagoReport and photo of Dave Ramos' show at annual boat show628Spring, 2009IV McNamara
RacingRace and Regatta ManagementWho's Gotta RegattaThe 2009 CR 914 regatta schedule629Spring, 2009Dick Martin
SailingBoat HandlingLearning CurveThe Learning Curve: "Just Sailing" Part 2Helm and helming; the Groove6210Spring, 2009Dick Martin
Racing Rules of Sailing2009-2012 rules changesOne more 'new' racing ruleGame changing revision of rules at a leeward gate6212Spring, 2009Dick Martin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetSouth Broward MYCNew CR 914 fleet in south Florida6213Spring, 2009Dick Martin and Christian Flebbe
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetDry Pants MYCDPMYC's tuning seminar6213Spring, 2009Brian Jobson
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetLarchmont MYCLMYC's 2009 season to date6213Spring, 2009Buttons Padin
HumorRacing TalesThat's Racing, RevisitedJust when you think you've seen 'em all, another unique mishap6214Spring, 2009Phil Adams
Radio ControlNew TechnologyRadioActivityThe next step in radio control: video telemetryAdvisory Committee approves new system. Byline: April 16215Spring, 2009Dick Martin and Howie McMichael
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6RadioActivityRainy day repriseWill silica gel in the case prevent DX6 malfunctions on rainy days?6215Spring, 2009Dick Martin
Cover PhotoOld and new class secretariesChanging of the GuardReminiscences by the outgoing class secretary631,2Autumn, 2009Dick Martin
AdministrationObservations and plansMessage from the New Class SecretaryState of our class, state of our boat, and what's next633Autumn, 2009Rick Martin
AdvertisementGreat photosWind Driven Dreams1991 advertisement for the CR 914634Autumn, 2009Rick Martin
HumorLetterLetters to EditorFun???"Racing these monsters is not fun, it's war635Autumn, 2009Barry Worthington
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetLarchmont MYCSummary of 2008-2009 racing season638Autumn, 2009Buttons Padin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetSouth Broward MYCGrowth and development of this new fleet639Autumn, 2009Christian Flebbe
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetSan Diego YC Model Yacht FleetHappenings: George Szabo wins World Star Championship639Autumn, 2009Dick Huntington
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetNorth Star RC SCStatus report on a new fleet in Alaska6310Autumn, 2009Phil Wright
Clubs and FleetsRace ManagementDeveloping a country pond - Epilogue 2009The venture failed, but led to an even better venue6310Autumn, 2009Dan Butterfield
RacingRace ManagementPVC BuoysA new design for racing buoys with building instructions6311Autumn, 2009Christian Flebbe
Public RelationsCharity regattaLeukemia Cup RegattaDry Pants and Knee Deep fleets help raise $62,000 for charity6311Autumn, 2009Brian Jobson
SailingBoat HandlingLearning CurveThe Learning Curve: "Just Sailing" Part 3"Playing the Wind": wind shifts and how to use them6312Autumn, 2009Dick Martin
ArtGreat 'photo" (art)Guys on the DockSketch of Larchmont RC sailors6314Autumn, 2009Jim Flemming
Administrationthe CRonicleA CRonicle chronicleWhy issue 63 was published three months behind schedule6315Autumn, 2009Dick Martin
Cover PhotoGreat photosOOops! A 3-boat entanglement at 2009 NationalsAnother great Jerry Gibbs cover641, 2Winter 2010Jerry Gibbs
RacingRegattasThe eventRegatta Chairmen discuss the event642Winter 2010Jean Malthaner and Dick Huntington
RacingRegattasA first regattaWhat it's like to attend your first regatta643Winter 2010Christian Flebbe
RacingRegattasNationals RecipeHow it feels to win the Nationals644Winter 2010Brian Jobson
AdministrationThe classRamblings from the Class SecretaryReminiscences from the Nationals, state of the class646Winter 2010Rick Martin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet Street2009–2010 season scoring: a work in progrssA preliminary report about the Larchmont fleet's handicapping system648Winter 2010Buttons Padin
Human InterestLossIn Memoriam: Jill Poindexter, 1954-2009A loved one and CRoniclephotographer will be missed649Winter 2010Dick Martin
Boat MaintenanceWinter projectsThe BoatyardThe Frozen ChosenA dozen boat projects to replace sailing until the ponds thaw6410Winter 2010Dick Martin
SailingBoat HandlingLearning Curve"Just Sailing" Part 4: Off the windTips and tricks to improve performance down wind6412Winter 2010Dick Martin
Misc.The CR 914What attracted me to the CR 914A brand-new 914er from Alaska tells why he chose the CR 9146414Winter 2010Wayne Kent
Cover PhotoGreat photosAction at 2009 New England Spring RegattaB2 in hot pursuit of #238 on a planing run651,2Spring 2010Jill Poindexter
AdministrationThe classRamblings from your class secretaryIdeas for improved Internet presence and seeking participation653Spring 2010Rick Martin
HumorGreat Photos, humorFollow in my wakeThe Great Caption Contest46 captions for an 'iceboating' photo654Spring 2010Chuck Luscomb
Radio ControlBatteriesThe Great Battery Debate revisitedCheaper alkaline batteries make the the 'disposable strategy' more attractive655Spring 2010Rick Martin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetModel boaters chase the wind at C.B. Smith ParkNewspaper report about South Broward MSC656Spring 2010Phillip Valys
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetKnee Deeps celebrate at 2009 Annual Awards DinnerA reprint from the North Cove Yacht Club website657Spring 2010Howard Farrer
NewsletterWriting for the CRonicleBriberyFree subscriptions for everyone whose articles are published657Spring 2010Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6iRadioActivityProgramming the Spektrum DX6iA DX6i version of Chuck Winder's classic article about the DX6658Spring 2010Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6iRadioActivityReplacements for trim tab and roller switchAluminum parts are available to replace broken plastic ones6511Spring 2010Dick Martin
Great PhotosGreat photoSea of CloudsOne of the best reflection photos of all time6511Spring 2010Howard Grisham
Clubs and FleetsFleetsGrow or DieHow the Northstar MYC fleet was built in Anchorage, Alaska6512Spring 2010Phil Wright
CR 914LetterLetters to EditorCR 914 commentsThe CR 914 is a great boat6513Spring 2010Bob Hughes
CR 914LetterLetters to EditorCR 914CR 914s are faster and more maneuverable6513Spring 2010Steven Baum
CR 914LetterLetters to EditorCustom CR 914Photos of Martin Buxton's custom CR 9146513Spring 2010Dave Ramos
RacingRegattasEast Coast CR 914 Regatta SeriesA new regatta series6514Spring 2010Brian Jobson
Cover PhotoGreat photosSouth Broward MSC racing in FloridaNew 914er Carlos Ancinez and the SBMSC fleet661,2Summer 2010Christian Flebbe
AdministrationCPMRick's RamblingsA new era for the CR 914Chesapeake Performance Models takes over CR 914 production663Summer 2010Rick Martin
Human InterestLossIn Memoriam: Kazuo Takei, 1949–2010The designer of the CR 914 passes away at the age of 61663Summer 2010Rick Martin
Clubs and FleetsRace ManagementHow to make a course mapSurvey and map a race course using an iPhone app664Summer 2010Howard Grisham
Boat MaintenanceSail GraphicsSail graphicsDesign and application of sail and hull graphics665Summer 2010Douglas Green
RacingRacing RulesPlay the rulesA cool website with animated rules quizzes665Summer 2010Uli & Wolfi Finckh
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetSan Diego fleet reportJean Malthaner's search and rescue adventure666Summer 2010Dick Huntington
Clubs and FleetsFleetsA tentative roster of CR 914 fleets"Possible loci of known or suspected organized CR 914 sailing"667Summer 2010Dick Martin
Radio ControlBatteriesRadioActivityMore battery comparisonsPerformance of alkaline, NiMH and lithium AA cells in transmitter668Summer 2010Dick Martin
Radio ControlSpektrum DX6iRadioActivitySpektrum DX6i battery voltage and rangeEvidence that DX6i range depends on battery voltage669Summer 2010Dick Martin
Radio ControlReceiversRadioActivityThe new Spektrum MR3000 receiverA new receiver designed to overcome water reflection interference6611Summer 2010Dick Martin
HumorGreat PhotosThe Great Caption Conterst: we have a winnerKevin MacLellan's "That's not fast" wins the caption contest6612Summer 2010Dick Martin
AdministrationCRonicle publishingHelp wanted: Associate EditorRecruiting the next editor of the CRonicle6613Summer 2010Dick Martin
HumorBoat NamesWasa IIThe story behind an unusual boat name6613Summer 2010Eric Matson
AdministrationEditorial PoliciesSharing, copying and posting articles: What's legal?Material in the CRonicle is covered by copyright laws6613Summer 2010Dick Martin
Cover PhotoGreat photosSailing in AlaskaChugach Mountains and Westchester Lagoon in Anchorage671,2Autumn 2010Jerry George
RacingRegattasThe 2010 Nationals: It came down to the last race!Report about the 2010 Nationals672Autumn 2010Ernest Freeland
RacingRegattasThoughts from a rookieA first-timer describes what its like to race in a Nationals674Autumn 2010Joe Russell
RacingRegattasHaven't sailed in a regatta? Why not?Encouragement to do it674Autumn 2010Ernest Freeland
RacingRegattasTips on boat preparation for a regattaTips from the Big Dog674Autumn 2010Dave Ramos
RacingRegattasTips on hosting your first large regattaIncluding lots of Do's and Don'ts675Autumn 2010Ernest Freeland, Chuck Luscomb, Brian Jobson, Dick Martin
RacingRegattas2010 East Coast CR Regatta SeriesResults of the 2010 event which drew 50 entries678Autumn 2010Brian Jobson
Clubs and FleetsRace ManagementTale of the evil pond weedThe have weeds way up in Alaska (as well as grizzlies)679Autumn 2010Peter Johnson
Boat MaintenanceLeak ControlThe BoatyardGaitersSimple method of controlling leaks through control openings6710Autumn 2010Eric Matson
Misc.SpeedRecycle BinSail a 58-knot America's Cup boatA classic description of "scale speed" 6710Autumn 2010Chuck Winder
HumorSpeedFollow in My WakeThe need for speedNew breeds of boats are about to break our scale speed record6711Autumn 2010Dick Martin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetLaguna Lake MYC fleet reportFleet growth. Clever design for permanent marks6712Autumn 2010Phil Adams
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetInner Harbor MYC fleet reportFleet growth6712Autumn 2010Lee Cagwin
Clubs and FleetsFleet ReportsFleet StreetSouth Broward MSC fleet reportSeason series; great photos6713Autumn 2010Christian Flebbe
AdministrationClass GrowthRick's RamblingsRamblings from your class secretaryClass growth6714Autumn 2010Rick Martin
AdministrationCRonicleNew editorial policyFleets will now co-edit the CRonicle in rotation6714Autumn 2010Dick Martin
AdministrationCPMChesapeake Performance Models - World HeadquartersCPM takes over world wide production and distribution of CR 914s6715Autumn 2010Ernest Freeland
Cover PhotoGreat photosSan Diego drifting matchReflections are featured681,2Winter 2011Elaine Huntington
Clubs and FleetsFeatured FleetSan Diego Yacht Club CR 914 FleetFleet news, and introductions of the five articles fleet members wrote682Winter 2011Dick Huntington
HumorClubs and FleetsFollow in my WakeToy sailboat?Observations about sailors at SDYC683Winter 2011Gary Becker
RacingRacing, boat maintenanceLessons and observations from the new guysLoads of ideas about every aspect of CR 914 sailing683Winter 2011George Szabo, et. Al.
RacingStartingWould you rather win the start or the finish?Picking the place to start686Winter 2011David Ryan
Boat MaintenanceImprovementThe BoatyardHow to make your CR 914 betterPotpourri of tips from an expert boatwright6810Winter 2011Jean Malthaner
Boat MaintenanceSearching CRonicle archivesHow to retrieve articlesw from the archivesHow to find and download articles from the CRonicle6812Winter 2011Jean Malthaner
Clubs and FleetsEstablishing a fleetThings to consider when establishing your fleetLessons from the founder of the San Diego fleet6813Winter 2011Snady Purdon
AdministrationTuning tip; announcementRick's RamblingsRamblings from your class secretaryOptimizing sail servo performance; class secretary position6815Winter 2011Rick Martin
Cover PhotoGreat photos2011 Midwinter RegattaA perfect day for sailing691,2Spring 2011Bobbie Lawrence
CRonicleIssue contentsThe Constitution State issueEight articles from our Connecticut fleets692Spring 2011Dick Martin
RacingRegatta travelTravel and save with a regatta buddyAdvantages of sharing a ride to regattas693Spring 2011Brian Jobson
Clubs and FleetsRescuing boatsRescue boatsDPMYC's three RC rescue boats693Spring 2011Jim Godsman
RacingRacing skillsKeep your head in the gameMental aspects of winning sailboat races694Spring 2011Chuck Luscomb
Clubs and FleetsRace managementTossable racing marksA clever design for temporary marks695Spring 2011Jim Godsman
Getting startedLearning RC racingLearnings from a rookie's viewAn experienced big boat sailors' RC learning curve696Spring 2011Les Bowman
Getting startedThe fun of racingFrom the beginningThe joys experienced during a rookie year697Spring 2011Jonathan Pelley
Clubs and FleetsLocating a sunken CR 914Where's my boatTricks for finding a sunken boat698Spring 2011Jim Godsman
Boat MaintenanceLeakproofingThe BoatyardWaterproof boot for rudder linkage rodWire shrink tubing makes a tight fit around the steering rod698Spring 2011Howard Farrer
AMYAModel Yachting magazineModel Yachting 163Kudos for an excellent issue: organizing and building clubs698Spring 2011Dick Martin
HumorApril FoolUpcoming electionAn unlikely cast of characters contest the CR 914 CS election699Spring 2011Dick Martin
RacingSoftwareBoat ScenarioA program for drawing racing diagrams699Spring 2011Dick Martin
Regatta2011 Midwinters2011 Midwinter Regatta reportRegatta report6910Spring 2011Christian Flebbe
Clubs and FleetsGreater Tulsa MYCFleet StreetReport from the Greater Tulsa MYCFleet update6911Spring 2011I.V.McNamara
AdministrationTuning tip; announcementRick's RamblingsRamblings from your class secretaryThe 2011 Midwinters, topping lifts, class secretary election6912Spring 2011Rick Martin
AdministrationCRonicleCRunch time for the CRonicleIf a new editor does not step up, the CRonicle will cease publication6913Spring 2011Dick Martin
AdministrationCRonicleCRonicle editor needed immediatelyJob description6913Spring 2011Dick Martin
Clubs and FleetsNorth Star RC SC Breetings from the North Star RC Sailing ClubThe current commodore talks about the NSRCSC702Summer 2011Mike Busey
Cover PhotoGreat photosProject ThaneAn 11-year-old builds a CR 914 for a school project703Summer 2011Greg Barta
Clubs and FleetsNSRCSC and racing in AnchorageAlaska hardcoreWhat its like to sail in the land of the midnight sun703Summer 2011Phil Wright
Human InterestProject Thanethe story of "Project Thane"A sixth-grade student builds a CR 914 for a school "Right of Passage Experience" project705Summer 2011Thane Barta
Clubs and FleetsFleet communicationsCommunicatingHow NSRCSC communicates with its members and the public706Summer 2011Wayne Kent
Clubs and FleetsFleet buildingClub building 102How to grow a new fleet the way NSRCSC did it707Summer 2011Phil Wright
Human InterestA teen age sailorMy opinion about the CR 914An exchange student from Germany takes up RC sailing in Anchorage708Summer 2011Benedikt Engel
Clubs and FleetsAlaskaSailing in Alaska?Full-scale sailing in Alaska709Summer 2011Peter Johnson
Boat MaintenanceBoat standThe BoatyardBill's boat standDetailed instructions for building a custom folding cradle7010Summer 2011Bill Woollen
Boat MaintenancePaintingThe BoatyardPainting the CR 914Everything you need to know about painting a CR 9147011Summer 2011Alan Beckett
RacingRegatta reportRegion 6 Championship regatta reportResults and photos of the 2011 Region 6 regatta in San Luis Obispo7013Summer 2011Phil Adams
AdministrationCRonicleCRonicle farewellA 15-year old publication dies for lack of interest7015Summer 2011Dick Martin
AdministrationPresent and future state of the classRick's RamblingsRamblings from your class secretaryThe year to date and changes that are about to take place7015Summer 2011Rick Martin
AdministrationThe future of class communicationsCR 914 class communicationPlans for an extensive, all-electronic, communications make-over7015Summer 2011Ernest Freeland
PhotosGreat photosAction at 2011 Region 6 regattaWindward mark action7017Summer 2011Carole Adams